25 May


On 23 April 2016, UAct held its inaugural event, introducing the history and mission of the organisation and promoting art as an important tool to bring changes and advance a different, more positive image of Ukraine.

The event was attended by civil society representatives, Ukrainian diaspora and friends of Ukraine in Belgium and kindly hosted by Namahn Studio.

“UActwill promotes meaningful and sustainable change that breeds tolerance, peace and inclusiveness in Ukraine”, stated Dariya Bezugla, one of UAct’s founding members.

The event was opened by Mr. Mykola Tochytskyi, the Ambassador of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Belgium and the EU, who thanked the Ukrainian volunteers and civil society for their remarkable support to the country and expressed willingness to work together with UAct in helping Ukraine on the path of transformation.

Eva Lutzmann, EU Affairs Manager for Wider Europe, the British Council’s EU Office, presented a report of the British Council “Hopes, Fears and Dreams: The Views of Ukraines Next Generation”. The report shows that young Ukrainians are optimistic about the future of their country, have a strong belief in their right to express their own opinions and are engaged in social activism.

Following these keynote speeches UAct introduced its first UArt auction, where guests were invited to bid for art and handmade objects offering pro bono services or financial donations to UAct.

UAct’s team is grateful to our amazing and inspirational artists: Elona Bokshi, Tetyana Granatovych, Blerina Hohxa, Tamar Levi, Nadia Senyczak, Olga Starostina, Sofia Terlez, Lina Degtyaryova and Fedir Vozianov for their donations.

All proceeds from the UArt auction will be used to build an online platform that will provide a space to civil society, volunteers, grassroots initiatives, corporate stakeholders and potential funders based in Ukraine and wider Europe, where they could share their initiatives and find resources to make them a reality.

At the end of the launch Emilia Zinko, co-principal bassoonist with the Flemish Opera of Belgium, performed Fantasy for Bassoon, which was warmly welcomed by the guests.

The UAct team is grateful to Namahn studio, our volunteers and supporters for making the inaugural event a success!