30 Sep




Brussels, 30 September 2016


On 2 October 2016 representatives of Run for Ukraine (URun) team – initiated by Belgian non-profit organization UAct – will take part in the annual Belfius Brussels marathon and half marathon. The group is running to raise funds for two projects in Ukraine: Kids Leadership Camp in Kyiv and Special Education in Dnipro. The projects will be implemented in partnership with Ukrainian charity foundations Everybody Can and Make the Child’s Dream Come True.

«UAct team and our partners in Ukraine would like to give young Ukrainians an opportunity to become active members of our society and help them to run social projects. Therefore a new generation, able to change their country, will be raised”, noted Julia Zelvenska, representative of the UAct. “Beside Leadership Camp, some funds will be used to provide special education to kids in Dnipro Children’s Home. Our Ukrainian partners will organise innovative curriculum for kids with special needs and train volunteers working with them”, explained Anetta Proskurovska, another representative of the UAct.

Over 20 athletes from 7 different countries will run to support kids in Ukraine. The runners represent Ukraine, the USA, Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Belgium. They are united by sympathy to Ukraine and desire to assist country which is going through the significant change.

Nina Kononova from Crimea, Ukraine, lives in Brussels now, and it will be her first marathon. “I’m happy to share this experience with my Ukrainian friends and appreciate being part of URun Team”, she said.

“A runner must run with dreams in his heart.”, – stated another athlete, Czech Pavel Zbornik. “So why not to dream for a better future for kids in Ukraine?”

All funds raised will be spent on the implementation of the projects. Logistics and project support will be provided by UAct and partners on voluntary basis.

Additional information: UAct is an alliance of NGOs and committed individuals aiming to enhance democracy, social cohesion and human rights in Ukraine. It was established in 2016 in Brussels, Belgium.

More information is available at the UAct web site: http://bit.ly/2dfIlBn and Run for Ukraine Facebook page: http://bit.ly/2cOGP8m.

For comments and further information please contact representative of the UAct, Julia Zelvenska: julia@uact.eu or +32 483139877.

01 Sep

UAct team supports young leaders in Ukraine

On 22 August 2016 in Kyiv, UAct team gave a training to the participants of the “Kids Leadership Camp”, a leadership and social responsibility development programme of the International Charity Fund “Everybody Can“.


This initiative trains 12-16 years-old students in leadership, creativity and contributes to their personal growth and development. Children share their dreams and implement social projects that they jointly develop. The Leadership Camp is unique as speakers, who have launched Ukraine’s most successful social projects, tell their success stories and give advice to children.


Dariya Bezugla and Julia Zelvenska, UAct co-founders, talked to children about human rights and diversity, how to be different and to live together. Their interactive sessions encouraged critical thinking in children on human rights, freedoms and their history around the world. Dariya, Julia and the young participants also discussed discrimination in our societies and its effect on how we perceive ourselves and the others.

“Being a part of the Kids Leadership Camp is an opportunity for UAct to understand the reality in which our young people are living and developing, and to grasp their vision of the world” said Dariya Bezugla. We provide them with tools for success of their projects and happy lives, self-realization and self-confidence. We talk to them openly, encouraging respect and mutual trust. Our organisation is grateful to “Everybody Can” for the opportunity to contribute to this important educational project, which we hope to develop further together”.

Yevgeniya Talinovska, the project’s co-organizer, emphasised that children are the most valuable treasure of the Kids Leadership Camp. She explained that the participants are internally displaced children, children of the Ukrainian military or children from the large families. “Developing a socially responsible society, charity and philanthropy is the mission of “Everybody Can” and my personal aim” said Marina Lysak, the director and co-founder of the Fund.

For more information please contact Tatiana Vitkovska, Communication Manager of “Everybody Can”: everybodycan.ua@gmail.com.