Membership of UAct

UAct strives for a diverse membership, comprised of committed individuals and civil society organisations from across Europe, who work together in order to bring about positive changes in Ukraine.

Our objective is to strengthen networking between various European and Ukrainian initiatives that could contribute to achievement of our mission. We aim to work with civil society organizations and individuals who share our goals, values and principles.

We are dedicated to underpinning our Members’ individual strengths and collective influence in Europe, and beyond. This enables UAct to speak on behalf of many NGOs and individuals in Europe and have a greater influence at the relevant fora. We represent the wider civil society and activists concerned with promoting democracy, social cohesion and human rights in Ukraine.

Membership of UAct

UAct has two different types of Membership: Alliance Members and Associate Members.

Alliance Members are organisations and individuals that play a significant role in promoting democracy, social cohesion and human rights in Ukraine. Alliance Members commit themselves to be actively involved in UAct’s goals and activities.

The rights of Alliance Members are:

  • Advocacy, networking, project development and information support on EU level by UAct Brussels.
  • The right to vote at General Assemblies and be represented on the Board of Directors.
  • Access to the minutes and decisions of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.
  • A reduced fee for staff to participate in UAct events and other activities.
  • Access to the various Membership fora organised by Uact.
  • Discretionary visibility for its work and projects.

Associate Members are organisations and individuals which do not qualify for Alliance Membership, including associations, companies, research institutes, universities, academic and legal networks, grassroots organisations and other interested parties, which are involved with UAct by becoming a supporting member.

The rights of an Associate Member are:

  • Advocacy, networking and information support on EU level by Uact Brussels
  • Access to information and documents produced by UAct Participation in UAct events and activities.

Eligibility and Application Procedure:

The Alliance Members and the Associate Members are eligible to become part of the UAct alliance after their membership application has been approved by the General Assembly and the Board and have paid the membership fee as determined for that particular year.

To apply for UAct membership, please fill out an application form and return to

– individual Membership Form (doc)
– NGO Membership Form (doc)

For any questions regarding membership of Uact, please contact Anetta Proskurovska, Membership Officer,

Membership Fees

The Membership fees for Alliance Members in 2016:

Individual: 40 EUR

NGO: 100 EUR

The Membership fees for Associate Members in 2016:

Individual: 20 EUR