On 2 October 2016 we will run to fundraise for two important projects in Ukraine:

  • Kids Leadership Camp in Kyiv, and
  • Special Education in Dnipro.

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UAct team aims to give young Ukrainians tools for bringing important social changes in Ukraine and becoming active members of our society.

Together with our partner, Everybody Can, UAct will hold Kids Leadership Camp for 12 – 16 year-old during school holidays.

The Leadership Camp will bring together diverse groups of children, including:

  • children from disadvantaged families,
  • children, who fled the war in Eastern Ukraine, and
  • children, whose parents have fought for peace and freedom in the country.

We will give an opportunity to over 20 children to learn about their rights and acquire necessary skills to develop their own social projects in Ukraine.

With the funds raised through URun we will cover all costs related to their participation in the Leadership Camp and will support three most innovative project ideas developed by our young leaders.

The present initiative is based on the success of a pilot leadership school organised by Everybody Can this summer.

All speakers, coaches and helpers are engaged in this project as volunteers.

Please donate and contact julia@uact.eu for more information about the project.



UAct firmly believes that every child should be able to enjoy their childhood and develop their personalities.

Ukraine’s government offers a limited support to children with special needs and no parental care. UAct strives to provide these children with innovative tuition in order to help them achieve more independence, make new friends and better integrate in the society in future.

Together with our partner, Make the Child’s Dream Come True, UAct will organise over 100 hours of maths, drawing, music and language classes for children with cerebral palsy from the children’s home in Dnipro. The classes will be adapted to children’s needs.

Using the “train the trainer” approach, experienced tutors will train project’s volunteers and young teachers, who will be able to work independently and train their peers in the future.

The funds raised through URun will also help us purchase at least 10 pairs of special custom made shoes that will allow children attend classes outside the children’s home.

All logistics and project support by UAct and our partners is provided on voluntary basis.        

Please donate and contact anetta@uact.eu for more information about the project.

We thank you for your invaluable support!
UAct team