UAct is a new Brussels-based organization with a potential to bring together representatives from civil society, businesses, local authorities and grassroots initiatives across Europe in order to empower local stakeholders and support actions in the field of community building, culture, human rights and education in Ukraine.

We are not affiliated with any political parties or movements and are willing to work with every civil society organization and individual, who shares our goals, values and principles.

The initiative to found UAct stems from a number of voluntary and charity activities UAct’s founding members were involved both in Belgium and Ukraine following the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity.

In these two years we realized that we need to do more and make our efforts more sustainable aiming to bring long-lasting positive changes in Ukraine. With an ongoing military conflict and little progress in fight against corruption, many active Ukrainian citizens and civil society organizations are experiencing fatigue, disappointment and lack of resources to continue their struggle for democracy and rule of law in Ukraine. It is our mission to support their efforts and provide them with necessary assistance.